ADSE streamlines rolling stock authorization

ADSE helps you navigate the complex process of rolling stock authorization with ease

Are you a Technical Director or Engineering Manager in the rail industry facing challenges with rolling stock authorization? Look no further! Our ‘Rolling Stock Authorisation Support’ service is here to help you navigate the complex process.

Rolling stock authorization is expensive and takes a long time. By teaming-up with our specialists, you can benefit from a smart authorisation strategy, expert knowledge of local regulations (NNTRs) and professional reporting. As a result, your authorization process will experience fewer delays and lower costs.

Let our experts guide you

ADSE offers a team of experienced professionals including Authorisation Managers, V&V Managers, Safety Assurance Managers, and Systems Engineers to guide you through every step of the way.

Our activities include requirements capture, configuration management, classification of changes, verification & validation and test management. We also prepare the required authorization (EU 545/2018) and safety files (EU 402/2013) for NoBO/DeBo/AsBo approval. Finally, we support in the safe integration process, including the infra and route compatibility checks (TSI OPE, Annex D1).

Shorter time to market and lower costs

Our solid, dependable, integrated approach ensures that your authorization process will be handled professionally and efficiently, leading to shorter time to market and lower costs.

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