AMREF Flying Doctors and ADSE join forces

AMREF Flying Doctors (AFD) and ADSE Consulting and Engineering join forces to reduce carbon footprint of aero-medical operations

The start of 2024 also marked the beginning of an exciting new collaboration between AMREF Flying Doctors (AFD) and ADSE, with the aim to reduce the carbon emissions of the Nairobi-based Air Ambulance company. AFD, a global market leader for aero-medical and assistance services across Africa and beyond, is reaffirming its commitment to a more sustainable future through this partnership.

In addition to offering healthcare on the African Continent, Amref Flying Doctors is determined to take a leading role in addressing climate change, a challenge particularly impactful in the region. Acknowledging its role as an aircraft operator, AFD is keen on minimizing its environmental impact.

Safeguard the environment, and life!

Stephen Gitau, CEO of AMREF Flying Doctors explains: “Extreme weather events like droughts can severely limit access to food and clean water for vulnerable populations. Similarly, excessive rainfall can lead to damaging floods, spreading water-borne diseases, and causing crop loss. In a dedicated effort to ensure sustainable practices and minimize our impact on our environment, AMREF Flying Doctors has forged a new partnership with ADSE, a prominent transport engineering company focused on tackling these challenges. Together, we are actively exploring innovative approaches for a more sustainable aviation operation, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard the environment and life.”

ADSE CEO Ron van Baaren adds: “For many years, our mission is to enable safe, sustainable, and efficient transportation for everyone. Our collaboration with AMREF Flying Doctors underlines our ambitions to contribute to a more sustainable world. We are very proud of this collaboration with the global market leader for aero-medical and assistance services.”

The next steps

Over the next weeks, ADSE sustainability experts will collaborate with AFD to analyze their operations and identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions at every stage – from the initial call for assistance to the safe transportation of the patient and everything in between. Our recommendations will serve as the first steps for AFD to minimize carbon emissions and mitigate their impact on the climate crisis.

To be continued...

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