Our armed forces protect what we value. We enable them with the transportation systems they need.


ADSE enables our armed forces to fulfill their mission

ADSE enables our armed forces to fulfill their mission. Protect what we value, a mission we all learned to understand even better due to the recent geopolitical developments. ADSE has been and will be a long-term partner to the MoD and Defence industry in order to support the armed forces.

We work with the armed forces to procure, maintain and update the right equipment, to make sure that the existing equipment is available when needed and safe to use.

Defence Value Propositions - this is our promise to you

Military Aviation Certification

We have a long-term strategic partnership with the MAA-NLD, bringing a pragmatic approach to certification in the military environment. We perform certification of new aircraft, changes to aircraft and organisations , and perform audits against (EMAR- and NLD-MAR-) rules.

Sustainable Transport

We are committed to supporting the armed forces, directly and together with industry partners, to reach their sustainability goals. That's why we are in the board of the sustainability platform of the NIDV and the reason to support multiple military projects, aiming to reduce emissions and to use sustainable fuels.

C4I System Integration

Knowing the platform as well as the command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence (C4I) systems, we realise the integration of C4I systems in military platforms. Our services include mechanical and electrical integration, prototyping, design for series production and engineering management.

SMART Maintenance

Maximise your asset availability by optimising your maintenance program, based on data from your (fleet of) assets. From creating the business case, identification of most relevant systems to setting up and performing the Smart Maintenance program, we enable an increase in your asset availability.

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Innovation in Defence

The world of Defence is changing. More demand on short term, more focus on sustainability on the long term. Innovations aim to increase protection of our armed forces better and better without compromising on effectivity. We contribute to this developments in multiple ways.

Vehicle Acquisition Support

Enable the armed forces to specify the right materiel, ensuring the procurement is based on a coherent specification, from technical as well as logistical point of view.

SMART Maintenance

Supporting the Royal Netherlands Navy to organise the maintenance in a smarter way, based on actual fleet data.

Vehicle Electronics Integration

Rapid developments occur in this area, vehicles are more and more connected to other vehicles and have more and more interconnected systems themselves. We support the MoD in these challenging technical development.

Sustainable Materiel

Building on our knowledge of existing materiel and developments in the civil world, we contribute to the development and acquisition of military vehicles using alternative fuels.

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