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Service. We advise on the smooth obtaining of EASA DOA and POA approvals, in synchronization with the development of the organization and the aircraft development program.

From our own DOA and experience at numerous customers we obtained intimate experience on the do’s and don’ts associated for customers to re-use. Our advise explicitly includes technical, administrative, cultural and organization aspects of DOA and POA implementation.

To established POA/DOA companies we offer optimization and interim solutions.

Type of work. We perform DOA and POA support as short consult, as well as on-site ‘make it work’ and remote work packages.

Customers.  Customers are mostly start-up OEMs but also system manufacturers and AP-DOA companies.

Our scope of services

We usually start with a gap assessment to determine customers’ present situation and intended outcome. Subsequently we provide DOA and POA support in a variety of manners including:

  • Co-creation of DOA/POA handbook
  • Co-creation and optimization of process schemes
  • Training and coaching
  • Implementation support
  • Interim staffing for Office of Airworthiness and CVE
  • Pre-Audit / audit rehearsal


Some of the numerous customers we helped with DOA/POA achievement are:

  • Cobham SatCom
  • Kopter
  • Undisclosed EVTOL start-ups
  • Fokker Techniek

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