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Since 2011, ADSE is approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) as a Design Organisation, registered under EASA.21J.481. This approval gives ADSE the privilege to independently assess and approve modifications to aircraft and rotorcraft.

As an independent engineering consultant firm, the scope of our Design Organisation is quite extensive. Although ADSE does not design and produce aircraft, our Design Organisation is capable of doing so!

  • Type of Aircraft. Our approval is applicable to small and large aeroplanes (CS23 and CS25), as well as small and large rotorcraft (CS27 and CS29).
  • Technical Fields of Expertise. Due to our broad technical scope we can certify changes throughout the aircraft. This includes: Avionics, Installation of avionics equipment, Structure, Aircraft performance, Electrical systems, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Environmental systems, Cabin interiors, Galleys or other interiors equipment.
  • Compliance Verification Engineers (CVE). Cabin Safety, Fire Safety, Electrical Systems, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Avionics, Structures, Aircraft Performance, Aerodynamics and Flight Handling, Environmental Control Systems, Ice and Rain Protection.

Type of activities. As an independent Design Organisation we design, certify and approve minor changes, major changes, STCs, and repair designs within the scope of our approval. Leave your cabin reconfiguration, Emergency Equipment Layout, avionics installation, or Aircraft’s PED Tolerance in ADSEs capable hands. We create the approved design you want, and provide you with the Service Bulletin needed.

Type of Customers. We work directly under our own approval for airline operators, maintenance repair organization and (VIP) completion centers to provide the approved modification needed. In addition we work with our partner Design Organisations as subcontractor using a DO-DO arrangement.

Our scope of services

The following DOA related services enable our customers to create new business, comply to regulations, reduce costs, increase capacity, expand their scope, or become independent:

  • Design and certification of innovative parts, components and systems using new materials, new manufacturing technologies, or new applications hereof.
  • Design and certification of installation provisions for approved systems and parts to allow use in aircraft.
  • Design and certification of aircraft modifications such as interior modifications, avionics modifications, livery changes, repair designs, etc. for operators, airlines or other DOAs with limited scope or capacity.
  • Providing subcontractor engineering or certification services to EASA approved design organisations.
  • Providing CVEs to other EASA approved design organisations.
  • Providing Form 4 personnel to other EASA approved design organisations.
  • Providing (in-house or classroom) training on commercial aerospace DOA, regulatory and certification related subjects.
  • Supporting design organisations to obtain EASA DO Approvals. This includes gap assessment, development of processes and procedures, writing exposition or handbook, implementation support, internal audits, etc.

Request for EASA approval of a modification or repair

To request a DOA related service, please contact our Head of Design Jenny van der Pols or fill in the form below with your request. We will always be in touch.

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