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We provide systems know-how and a pragmatic approach to improve Product Development, Production and Maintenance and Support of complex capital equipment, in your organization, including your supply chain.

We offer development and improvement support for non-recurring processes, from R&D, via product development or new product introduction, certification and set up of industrial co-operation to supply chain and supplier development, industrialization and investment projects). We also offer improvement support for your Production (assembly & test, supply chain operations, manufacturing) or maintenance, overhaul and refurbishment (MRO) processes.

Our services comprise of expertise, consulting and leadership by example. They find their basis in an extensive knowledge of and experience in the Aerospace, Defense, Mobility and High Tech Systems markets. We integrate state of the art methods and tools like Lean, Systems Engineering (ISO15288) and international Quality Management Systems standards into a comprehensive approach and set of tools to secure an optimal, life cycle proof, solution for your organization or product development program. We deliver Consultancy services, Project Management, Industrialization support and training (on the job).

Our scope of services

Key areas of our expertise and experience include:

  • Concurrent/collaborative engineering planning and Program Management
    • Process definition & organizational development, Lean Product Development, training
    • Systems Engineering Management (ISO15288)
    • Technology road mapping and readiness reviews
    • Organizational maturity assessments (product development, production)
    • Design Assurance: development of processes, organizational development, training
    • Supplier work package specifications and liaison
    • Supplier development on technical management and program management capabilities (a.o. EN9100 and Airbus GRESS/GRAMS requirements, Airbus  (TDCA, IPCA, PMCA) supplier capability assessments)
    • Design Build Team (DBT) lead and Work package Management
  • Process planning and Manufacturing Engineering for (series) production
    • Industrialization Plans
    • Assembly line plans and schedules (including line balancing)
    • Time studies (MMO)
    • Design to Cost support and Cost Estimating (including learning curve aspects)
  • Design for Lean production/assembly
    • Build strategy development, a.o. Modular Design solutions development
    • Tolerance & variation management analysis
    • Model Based Definition methods
    • Final Assembly and Installation optimization & tooling concepts
  • Business Case Analyses and Decision Support
    • Feasibility studies
    • Design Options development and Trade study performance
    • Process improvement studies and implementation support
    • Industrial Investment analysis
    • Project Management

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