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Besides civil aerospace, ADSE has design and certification experience with military aircraft and military certification regulations. This experience has gained special recognition of our team for special mission aircraft modifications under civil registry or civil operations of military aircraft for both industry and operators. The expertise of ADSE covers product certification as well as certification of organizations, both in the civil and military environment. And since May 2023, ADSE is the first independent engineering and consultancy company in The Netherlands to receive an accreditation as Military Design Organisation.

Our scope of services

Key areas of our expertise and experience include:

  • Certification of military aircraft (systems), design changes and repair designs to the applicable European Military Aviation Requirements (EMAR’s), NATO and other (national) Military standards
    • Military Transport Aircraft certification
    • Military Transport Helicopters certification
    • Military UAS certification
    • External Loads
    • Development of Certification Bases for Military Aircraft using Mil-Hdbk 516 methodology

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