Military Aircraft Design and Engineering
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Service. We support the design, development and certification of military aircraft interiors and structures, avionics and electrics and systems, ECS and ice-protection systems for utility and transport helicopters, transport aircraft, and novel UAM or eVTOL aircraft configurations. With our Military Design Organisation Approval we can support operators and regulators to design and certify the solutions they need.

Type of activities; We take responsibility for complete work packages for modifications or initial design, with our Military Design Organisation approval or as subcontractor, or provide the experienced lead engineers, specialists and Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) to enhance your team.

Type of Customers. We work both for the armed forces (operators, maintainers and regulators) and for OEMs and suppliers responsible for the design.

Our scope of services

Key areas of our expertise and experience include:

  • Military Aircraft Structures and Interiors,
  • Military Aircraft Avionics and Electrics
  • Military Aircraft Systems, ECS and Ice-protection
  • Helicopters, Transport Aircraft and UAM’s / eVTOLs

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