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Service. We support rail organisations to obtain the required organisational approvals such as the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) approval. In support of organisations, intending to obtain or expand approvals, ADSE uses a structured 6-phase approach. The 6-phase approach will, in consultation with the customer, be customised to the phases to be executed by ADSE, at all times taking into account the level of customer participation during the phases. In ADSE’s experience, the level of participation ranges from ‘none’ to ‘full participation’ during all phases, very often determined by priorities of running the business.

This approach identifies the following phases:

  • Gap Analysis,
  • Creation of Handbook
  • Application to Authority of Accrediting Organisation
  • Creation of detailed procedures
  • Implementation and training
  • Pre audit and final activities

Our scope of services

Key areas of our expertise and experience include:

  • Performing gap assessments and initial audits
  • Development of the required organisation manuals, processes and procedures to comply with the regulations
  • Provide support with the implementation hereof and training of staff
  • Execute pre-audits and audit support

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