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Our projects cover all phases of the rolling stock life cycle; from drawing up specifications for new trains, developing modifications to existing equipment, verification of the design against the specifications to the authorization and safe integration of new or modified trains.

ADSE has extensive knowledge and experience of the activities involved in the authorization and safe integration of new or modified rail rolling stock. We support our customers on a daily basis starting with a system definition and requirements capture, classification of changes, risks and hazards in accordance with the CSM regulations, building the safety case, as such allowing for easy evaluation by NoBo / DeBo (compliance against TSI and local regulations) and AsBo (requirements capture and safety risk process)

The scope of our technical know-how is broad and includes Electronics systems, Electrical systems, Construction changes, Hydromechanical systems, Air conditioning systems and Cabin Interior such as toilets, doors and other interior parts. Our specialists have therefore often been involved in New Technology and New Materiel Programs and have and maintain broad knowledge of and experience with the applicable Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) and the associated normative documents (EN).

Based on our broad technical knowledge of the rolling stock, the process and organizational knowledge of NS and our Systems Engineer approach, ADSE is pre-eminently qualified to prepare certification and admission activities for both new rolling stock and modifications to existing rolling stock.

Our scope of services

 The following Qualification related services enable our customers to create new business, comply to regulations, reduce costs, increase capacity, expand or renew their fleet:

  • To provide support with the requirements capture process;
  • To manage the verification and validation process to show compliance to these requirements;
  • To help your engineering department to record the technical file for easy compliance demonstration to NoBo’s and/or DeBo’s;
  • To help your safety or QHSE department to record the safety risk management process for easy compliance demonstration to AsBo’s;
  • To perform risk and hazard analysis in accordance with the Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM-REA) as per (EU) 402/2013, amended by EU 2015/1136;
  • To develop and write down the system definition i.a.w. EN-50126 and CSM-REA;
  • To build the safety case i.a.w. EN-50126;
  • To provide a technical project manager to guide the process for authorization and safe integration;
  • To provide quality assurance managers to your organization;
  • To provide safety managers to your organization;
  • To provide test managers to your organization.

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