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Service. We support the design, development and certification of aircraft structures, interior and payload systems, and the interfaces and integration hereof for commercial aircraft, VIP aircraft, helicopters and novel UAM or eVTOL aircraft configurations. With our EASA Design Organization Approval we also provide Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), minor and major modifications to aircraft interiors.

Type of work. We take responsibility for complete work packages for modifications or initial design, with our EASA Design Organization or as subcontractor, or provide the experienced lead engineers, specialists and Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) to enhance your team.

Customers. We work both for OEMs and suppliers responsible for the design, as for airline operators and maintenance and completion centers, operating, maintaining or modifying these systems.

Our scope of services

Key areas of our expertise and experience include:

  • Aircraft Structures: light weight materials and constructions, conventional and composite aircraft structures, primary structure interfaces, secondary structures, structural provisions and interfaces, structural integrity of interior systems.
  • Interior systems: aircraft seats, overhead bins, partitions, curtains & carpets, monuments, lavatories, galleys, sidewall panels, lining, emergency equipment, VIP seats, VIP monuments, showers.
  • Payload systems: IFE systems, oxygen systems, water waste systems, environmental control systems (ECS), mechanical systems, and noise reduction.
  • Analyses related to Interior Systems: Cabin lay out development and certification of Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) changes; emergency evacuation analysis and test execution; rapid decompression analysis; thermal and acoustic insulation of cabin interiors, cabin concept feasibility studies and design; cabin safety and fireworthiness. Analysis and testing of fireworthiness, loads on seats and seat tracks, head strike, head injury criteria (HIC), emergency lighting, placards & markings and emergency equipment.
  • Analyses related to Structures: Design, Construction, Stress and Strength Analysis, FEM, 3DCAD Design, Fatique & Damage Tolerance.

Track record

Some examples of the work we did over the past 25 years:

  • Commercial Airline. EASA DOA approved changes on Boeing 737-800 fleet, including LOPA Change, Curtain, Carpet, IFE removal, Emergency Evacuation Layout.
  • Bombardier DASH-8 and CRJ Cabin installation concept development
  • Airbus A380 Lavatory Design. Specification, Supplier Selection, Lead engineering, work package and supplier management, testing, validation and verification.
  • Novel Design, Aerospace Start-up providing glass mirrors. STC and Modification support
  • VIP Completion. Airbus A330. Interior Specification Development
  • EASA DOA Approved Minor changes

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