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The future of mobility is sustainable and autonomous, ensuring safe transport of passengers and freight by rail.

Our engineers and consultants have more than 25 years of experience with light- and heavy rail, in the offices of our customers, along the tracks and in the workshop, providing services to governments, rail operators, asset managers, rail manufacturers and maintainers in the heavy and light rail sector. Our projects take place in all phases of the life cycle; from the preparation of specifications for new rolling stock to the commissioning of trains in the operation.

We also design modifications on existing rolling stock. Our specialists have a broad knowledge of the European Norms and industry standards (EN), but also of electrical systems, casco, hydro-mechanics, air conditioning and cabin interiors. With our Systems Engineering approach, ADSE supports their customers with procurement support, design, advice, and certification of both new and existing rolling stock. We are the experts on ATO, ERTMS and Safety and Compliance demonstration for Rail Transport.

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Supporting Train Acquisition

For rail operators we develop technical specifications, conduct supplier evaluation and selection, and monitor the selected supplier during design, production, testing and entry into service. This ensures acquisition of trains at the highest operational efficiency and lowest total life cycle cost for our customers.

New Technology Introduction

We support the introduction of technologies like ATO, ERTMS, and FRMCS in the regulatory driven rail domain. We analyse the concept of operations, determine the technical and operational changes, calculate the business case, and verify the safety risks, to determine the best possible strategy for implementation.

Authorisation & Safe Integration

We support Rail Manufacturers in the authorization process. Hereto, we cover requirements capture, system definition, change categorisation, compile the safety case using CSM REA + EN50126 and build the authorization dossier for NoBo/DeBo/AsBo assessment. We support from first sketch to placement on the market.

Fleet Performance Optimization

We supports rail operators with maintenance optimization of their fleet, resulting in less hall visits, less fleet downtime, and reduced costs. We build the business case, analyse the reliability and maintenance data, support the interaction with the authorities, and provide updated documentation. All in accordance with EU 2019/779.

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Innovations in Rail

The rail market is facing paramount challenges. Climate change has accelerated EU's objective to develop a harmonized pan-European rail area. For this to work, innovative technologies in train protection, telecommunication, automation and digitalisation are being developed and implemented. ADSE helps rail infrastructure managers and railway undertakings with strategic development and seamless implementation of such new technologies into their operations.

Autonomous Operations

We support our clients with the introduction of technologies that enable autonomous and remote train operation in the conservative regulatory driven rail domain. We analyse the concept of operations, determine the required technical and operational changes, calculate the business case and verify the safety risks involved in order to determine the best possible strategy for the implementation on track or train.

ERTMS Safety Systems

We help operators with the definition, implementation and execution of the processes needed to introduce ERTMS into their rolling stock and operational procedures. Hereto, ADSE performs requirements management, maintains an overview of ERTMS configurations during and after transition and supports the system architecture (conceptual design & functional design) activities focusing on system integration, verification and validation of all program elements.

Hydrogen Powered Trains

We support rail operators involved in the introduction of new train concepts (battery, hydrogen, hybrid) into operation and maintenance by performing conceptual trade-off studies as part of fleet optimisation, writing the technical specifications during procurement support, performing supplier selection, keeping track of the delivered quality and supporting the integration into operation and maintenance planning.

Hyperloop future transport systems

With our experience in all modes of transport, we support the development of future transport systems like Hyperloop using a Systems Engineering approach. We specify functional requirements and support the engineering teams to translate them into a design solution. We focus on proper system integration by organising reviews and audits to verify and validate that the technical solution meets these requirements. By doing so, we systematically help to increase the technological maturity.

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