The maritime industry wants to stay at the forefront of innovation. We support their efforts to improve cooperation and develop sustainable ships.
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To support the maritime community towards an innovative future

The Dutch Maritime industry is transitioning to Zero Emission by developing new forms of propulsion to reduce its footprint, by creating new methods to design its ships, by building partnerships and coalitions allowing for more sustainable and (economically) efficient vessels, and looking into more autonomy to support efficient use and manning issues.

ADSE has developed systems and processes that complement this transition. We help you with strategic development, advising on policy and implementing solutions.

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New Technology Introduction

We contribute to zero emission shipping by supporting the development of the ships of tomorrow. We help design and integrate electric and hybrid PPE systems and the methods to design and produce them.

SMART Maintenance

Improving reliability and availability of ships and ship components. We do this by making active monitoring and digitalisation of the supply chain possible, and by providing life cycle management processes and RAMS-, ILS and LSA analyses

Systems Engineering

Implementation of Systems Engineering processes and Model-Based Systems Engineering tools to ensure that the integration of new technology is controlled, sustainable, and successful for both new and existing ships.

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Innovations in Maritime Transport

Building upon our existing engineering, integration, and certification capabilities, we continuously invest in new technology, processes, and methods to support the challenges of Maritime Transport concerning sustainability, autonomy, and digitalisation. We do this by performing projects with our customers at the forefront of technology, and by active participation in R&D projects together with our partners (University, Institutes, and Industry) on topics like:

Model-Based Systems Engineering

For its F126 program we support Damen Naval with the implementation of its SE methodologies and tools.

ADSE has supported various R&D programmes providing knowledge and cross industrial experience about Systems Engineering methods and tools. ADSE was part of the consortia driving the Robuust Ontwerpen van Toekomstbestendige Schepen (ROTS) project, SHIPTOOLS in which the use of a standardised data repository as the basis for Concurrent Engineering would be developed and in supporting NMT with developing the context and plan for the Joint Maritime Digital Platform.

SMART Maintenance and ILS

ADSE can support our clients in extended warranty and customer support for maritime projects, assist in supply chain control to ensure sustainability and availability of the ship and its systems, and support the development of reliability programs and ILS packages according to the latest standards.

Sustainable Propulsion (PPE) Systems

We support the development and integration of new sustainable Power, Propulsion & Energy concepts (electric, hydrogen, hybrid) into new and existing ship designs by performing conceptual trade-off studies, feasibility, and technology appraisal studies, by advising on certification challenges, and support organisation building.

Autonomous Operations

We support our clients with the introduction of technologies that enable autonomous and remote ship operation. We analyse the concept of operations, determine the required technical and operational changes (reduced manning), calculate the business case, and verify the safety risks involved in order to determine the best possible strategy for implementation.

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