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Configuration Management (CM) is the discipline to manage assets, products, installations and processes and the related information including all the changes. Having the right information helps to make better decisions and to avoid costs for corrective actions. ADSE can help your organization to improve your CM process by applying best practices based on EIA 649, CM2, ISO10007 and our own practical experience in industry domains like rail, aerospace and defence.

Our services

  • CM Maturity assessment
  • Design and implementation of CM processes
  • CM Training (Awareness, Basics)
  • Asset Information Management
  • CM IT tool selection and implementation support

CM maturity assessment

Most likely you realize that Configuration Management is, or should be, an important business process for your organization and you know you have to do something to improve it.

But have you asked yourself the following questions lately?

  • How good is my organization in CM?
  • Where do we start to improve?
  • What should we do first?
  • How do we measure and monitor progress?

The ADSE Capability Maturity Model for Configuration Management helps you answer these questions. The ADSE CM Maturity Model is based on six process areas that are important for successful CM. ADSE charts and assess your processes and organization against our broad experience and “best practices”.

The result of the assessment is presented in a clear spiderweb diagram to provide insight in the current status of your organization and help you to define way forward to a better CM process.

Design and implementation of CM processes

Proper implementation of CM will result in cost reduction and overall improvement of your primary and supporting processes.


ADSE can help your organization to implement and improve your CM processes, methods and tools. ADSE can do this by, among other things, developing a CM vision for your organization, defining your CM processes, define the CM organization, train and coach your staff during roll-out and execution.

At ADSE we have a broad knowledge of possibilities of the CM tools available on the market and can also support you to select the right CM tool.


CM training

Need to know more about Configuration Management? ADSE can help train your staff on Configuration Management. We have several standard trainings available. In addition we can develop special training courses for your organization based on your own needs.

CM awareness workshop. We provide a 1-day CM workshop to create awareness on the importance of CM. This is a hands-on workshop in which we use a LEGO train track to introduce some of the basic principles of CM.

CM basics training. ADSE provides a 2-day CM basics training. This training is based on principles from EIA 649, CM2, ISO10007, and moreover ADSE’s wide experience across multiple industries:

  • Configuration Planning
  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Control
  • Configuration Status Accounting
  • Configuration Audit
  • Data and Document management


Asset information management

Having the right information about physical assets, like trains and rail infrastructure, is essential for asset managers to make spot on decisions about maintenance, modifications, safety and availability of these assets.

Managing information about assets throughout their lifecycle (design-build-operate-dispose) is a real challenge that requires the right processes and collaboration of many stakeholders. Configuration Management is the process for managing all this information, including management of the changes. Configuration Management provides the basis for Asset Information Management.


IT tool selection & implementation

Having the right IT-tool to support the CM processes can help your organization to become more efficient.  There are a number of good IT-tools available on the market. All have their strong points and not-so strong features. But which one is best for your organization?

ADSE can support the process to select the right IT-tool by:

  • Defining the requirements based on your processes
  • Defining the selection criteria for the vendors
  • Vendor IT tool demonstration workshops
  • Proof-of-Concepts

We can also support the implementation of an IT-tool by defining the functional specifications, review of implementation, testing and developing dedicated (training) modules.

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