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Service.  Technical project management in complex transport systems is an art in itself. Featuring tight deadlines, high CapEx and multi-disciplinary teams, issues in program management often cause rework, delays and cost overruns. We offer to address these challenges before they become problems. We reduce time, cost, risk and prevent headaches.

Type of work. We provide Technical Project Management for complex projects with a team of engineers that has a 20+ year experience leading complex projects in aerospace, defense, rail and maritime markets. Our working method is based on proven knowledge of system engineering and Prince 2. We offer consulting, interim staff and outsourced management with knowledge of the relevant market and technology. The ADSE technical project management team ensures our customers that projects are delivered within time, budget and quality

Customers. Customers include OEMs, system suppliers, operators and retrofit and maintenance organizations.

Our scope of services

We offer program review and assessment, interim project- and program managers and deputies, and management of engineering work packages. We also address the more delicate special topics of design-production interface, assembly line, and software aspects.

Track record

Some of the projects we took responsibility for:

  • Aerospace
    • Undisclosed EVTOL aerospace startup – interim test program management
    • Undisclosed EVTOL aerospace startup – ERP-PLM implementation
    • Signatory delegation interior parts for A350 XWB aircraft
    • Qualification and certification of Glass applications
    • Development and certification of galleys for A350 XWB aircraft
    • Out of SRM structural repair
    • VIP conversion
  • Defence
    • Design of mission modules for Boxer military vehicle
    • Production of hull for Fennek military vehicle
    • Specification and Introduction of new military Vehicle
  • Rail
    • Design production assembly line for mid-life upgrade of ICR train
    • Specification and Introduction of new FLIRT trains
    • climate systems for a double-decker train
    • magnetic brakes for railway vehicles
    • passenger information and power systems for railway vehicles
  • Other markets
    • Design of high endurance off the road electrical bicycle
    • Design of advanced Oil-cooled cooling system for data centers

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