“The Green Cabin”: Sustainability in aircraft interiors

"The Green Cabin": Sustainability in aircraft interiors

Everyone is talking about “The Green Cabin”. We challenged parties at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg last week on sustainability. Here’s what we found.

Fun fact: on average, an aircraft receives four new interiors in its lifetime. Sustainability therefore benefits from weight savings, production and recycling of interiors.

We observed continuous weight savings on seats, galleys and materials. There are also initiatives to use bio-degradable materials like bamboo, cotton, wool and even cactus leather.

For manufacturing, the focus is on the reduction of energy consumption and waste. Companies achieved significant reduction of water consumption and optimized textile trimming and cutting. We also found prototypes of 3D-printed seat cushions using sustainable fibers.

Recycling remains a challenge, though. For example, fire safety requirements dictate the use of materials and chemicals that are not easily recycled. However, Airbus in now using ‘recycled carbon fiber’ (rCF) from the A350 manufacturing line to turn waste material into interior parts. And fortunately, the catering exhibitors at the trade show used recycled, plant-based materials and packaging.

In conclusion, we found that discussions about the “Green Cabin” are in full swing and the topic of sustainability has more traction than ever before. But skepticism was never far away: “All these initiatives are not going to ‘move the needle’. The biggest impact will have to come from engine technologies and fuels.”

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