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Military Aviation Authority - The Netherlands (MAA-NLD)




2005 - present

About the Customer

The Military Aviation System in The Netherlands. In accordance with the  National Aviation Act, the Minister of Defence is responsible for Military Aviation. Within this responsibility, the Minister has mandated the care for the domain Military Aviation Safety  to the Director of the MAA-NLD.

The military aviation system in the Netherlands is a so-called “Total Aviation System” consisting of the domains “Airworthiness”, “Operations” and “Aerodromes & Air Traffic and Fighter Control”. The MAA-NLD regulates those domains and oversights and where applicable enforces these domains against the military regulations thereto. Where applicable and necessary, the MAA-NLD grants exemptions.

The military aviation system follows the EASA policies and regulations under the motto “adapt and adopt’, where the “adapt”-policy is used for specific military applications and circumstances.

The question to ADSE

ADSE supports the MAA-NLD, as embedded partner, since 2005 at the domain of “Airworthiness” with all possible tasks required for the area of policy, regulation and oversight. It affects hereby both initial airworthiness as continued airworthiness matters. Recently, the support at the domain of “Operations” is added to the support package. This affects the subdomain of Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS).

Added Value

The added value of ADSE is our broad and deep knowledge of the EASA airworthiness domain and – due to its background knowledge of the EASA regulations and the knowledge of the military operations -its power to make these applicable to the military airworthiness domain. ADSE  has  contributed, since 2005, intensively to the safety of the military aviation in the Netherlands and Europe.

Specific Tasks

  • ADSE functionaries support the MAA-NLD with the development of the military aviation policies and the writing of the resulting regulations, guidance material and acceptable means of compliances.
  • ADSE auditors and lead auditors support the MAA-NLD at approval and continuation audits against the organisation regulations, imposed at military organisations within the NLD military aviation systems and at their suppliers and contractors outside the military aviation system.
  • ADSE certification specialists support the MAA-NLD with type certifications of the military aircraft in use within the NLD military aviation system and with changes and repairs thereto.
  • They also supports the MAA-NLD with the judgements and the issue of exemptions for all kinds of test flights in uncertified configurations for certification purposes (modifications) or other reasons where the certified configuration isn’t assured anymore.
  • ADSE senior functionaries support the MAA-NLD in the international developing of the “adopt and adapt”- philosophy at a military EU-level with the drafting and implementation of European Military Aviation Requirements (EMARs) in accordance with the former JAA-principle.

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