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Transavia Airlines




2019 - present

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The question from the customer

Transavia Airlines is the leading Dutch leisure airline operator, located at Schiphol Airport, operating a fleet of about 45 aircraft to destinations all over Europe and further.  In 2019, ADSE and Transavia entered into a strategic engineering and maintenance partnership aimed at supporting the Fleet & Technical Services department, including Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering, holding the EASA Part M, Part-145 and Part 21J approvals. Transavia recognized ADSE as a valuable partner based on our extensive knowledge and experience, our approach and our ability to provide pragmatic technical solutions, process improvements, and to successfully manage technical projects.

Our solution and added value

The partnership focuses on providing aircraft engineering services, maintenance optimization services, aircraft modification services, project management & coordination services and strategic advice. Key activities include:

  • Maintenance Optimization Services. ADSE supported Transavia with the interval escalation and maintenance program optimization of the A-check of its Boeing 737-700 and -800 aircraft, resulting in less hangar visits, less aircraft downtime, and reduced maintenance costs. Building the business case, assessing the reliability and maintenance data, doing the statistics and analyses, guiding the interaction with the authorities, and in the meantime improving the Transavia escalation procedures where needed and transferring our knowledge to the team.
  • Avionics Engineering Services. ADSE has provided over the duration of the agreement a team of experienced and pragmatic avionics engineers, as part of the Transavia engineering organization to perform all required Part-M and Part 21 activities. In addition ADSE guarantees the availability of an experienced Avionics Certification Verification Engineer (CVE) as an EASA Form 4 function.
  • Aircraft Modification Services. Under our EASA.21J Design Organisation Approval, ADSE has designed and certified various aircraft interior modifications, allowing Transavia to modify 5 new lease aircraft towards the Transavia configuration and branding requirements. This included modifications like: Emergency Equipment Layout, LOPA changes, IFE removal, Carpet Changes, Curtain Track and Curtain Design.
  • Project Coordination Services. ADSE has supported Transavia project management with technical management support and coordination activities regarding the lease, phase-in and modification of 5 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. And ADSE has supported Transavia to coordinate the Aircraft Data project for the new Airbus fleet.

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