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2 years

The question from the customer

Kopter was a new Helicopter OEM in Switzerland and had been developing an all new single-engine helicopter, the SH09, since 2009 – the company was then called Marenco Swiss Helicopter. In 2020, Kopter became part of Leonardo and rebranded its helicopter as AW09. The AW09 is currently (2024) in flight testing and should be on the market shortly.

Kopter asked our support in its effort to mature towards achieving its EASA DOA and FOCA POA approvals. In particular, how do we implement a simple and effective system that fits a grow-up company?

Our solution and added value

For this effort we brought our most senior staff. Those who know, been there, done that. We not only diagnosed and explained an appropriate set-up, but also remained on-site to make it happen. With our support, achieving full DOA and POA became within reach. It helped Kopter develop and fly their latest prototype, saving development time and risks.

Customer Feedback

 ADSE provided us with exceptional experience, leadership and energy in a period full of challenges. Thank you Rik, Frank, Bart and many others!” Andreas Löwenstein, CEO Kopter Group, Switzerland

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